Telling your story, the authentic way

Documenting dreamy memories, for all types of humans

I'm here for all you traditional + non-traditional couples. If you want 300 people at your wedding, great! If you want to elope in the middle of nowhere, also great! Y'all are the main characters in this story, I'm just here to make sure you remember it! From the funny/joyful moments to the romantic/soulful moments, I got you covered!

Hey Future Bestie, I'm Leda!

Don't be afraid to ask me how to say my name, it's (Lee-Duh).... Like "Follow the Leeeeddaaa!"

I'm an Arizona, (& honestly anywhere the wind takes me) Wedding + Elopement + Couples photographer. I'm entirely focused on documenting your genuine, raw, candid moments. I'm not about the awkward, stiff, "I-hate-the-way-I-look-in-all-these-photos" poses. I'm here to make you feel like you in your photos. I'll just be behind the camera helping you shine.


“This was my first time having pictures taken, and I am so happy to have worked with Leda for our couple photos. She made the whole shoot comfortable, relaxed and fun. ❤️”

“Leda is AMAZING! She makes you laugh so hard and helps you forget it's 32° out. If you are looking for a photographer that doesn't over edit and captures the true you...she is your girl!!!!”

How much is this gonna cost me?

I got you, boo thang. Check it out below!

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