Get to know the girl behind the lens

Some icebreakers to start -

  • I love desserts. I cannot go a day without having some sort of sweet DIRECTLY after a savory dinner.
  • "Parks & Recreation" is my favorite show of all time.
  • I've been on the internet since 2009, so you know I'm all about niche internet references. (Myspace & AOL were my jam)

Why does any of this matter?

I'm not here to be a stranger, take your photos & never talk to you again. In order to get you to be your best self in front of my lens, we gotta get to know each other. My goal is to not only make sure you get the best photos in your LIFETIME, but also that we connect with each other on a personal level!

So how'd you get into this business, anyway?

I know it's so cliché to be like "I knew this is what I wanted to do the second I had a camera in my hands", but I'd be lying if I said this wasn't the case. Like I said before, I mainly grew up on the internet. My main source of content was Tumblr, which I always found myself endlessly scrolling on everyday. My main takeaway from the site was admiring those "aesthetic" blogs with really cool photography images. I reblogged them AAALLL for my friends to admire too. These images made me feel something, & all I knew was I wanted to create art in the same way these photographers did.

I knew when I turned 15 that all I wanted for my birthday was a camera. My mom bought me my first camera (Canon Rebel T3), & I took that thing EEEEEVERYWHERE. I did photoshoots of my best friends in my backyard, I offered to take upperclassmen's senior photos, I procrastinated getting ready at proms so I could take cute photos of my coupley friends. I wanted to make people happy, & I wanted to document these memories in a book forever. After I graduated high school in 2017, I ended up taking multiple photography/filmmaking courses in college so I could learn the basics from an expert instead of googling "how the heck do I use this thing correctly?"

Fast-forward to 2020, (I think we ALL know what occurs next), the pandemic happened. I was currently working a part-time job where I felt miserable everyday. I always had a dream to start my own business in photography, but had no clue where to start or how to do it. I started off doing $50 sessions to friends & family in hopes of building a portfolio so I could quit my job & be my own boss. I had the experience, I now knew how to work my camera correctly, but what do I know about making money & running a business?

Being where I am today, I am proud to say I have accomplished so much. I have captured dozens upon dozens of weddings, I've flown across the United States for clients, I give business advice on TikTok, had an article about me published in a magazine, & I'm seriously working my dream job.

I'm grateful everyday that I get to do what I'm truly passionate about. My clients are my best friends, & my infinite goal is to make sure I'm constantly growing & improving my work for them.

Why photograph couples?

I'll be real with you, I wasn't sure couples / weddings were gonna be my thing in the beginning. I started out photographing EVERYTHING from family, maternity, boudoir, seniors, you name it! I still photograph all of these things when my availability allows for it, but I learned through experience that couples were my calling.

There's something so special about documenting different dynamics between two souls who are in love. Every couple is unique, & I love getting to know them before/during/after the entire process. Maybe you're the more soulful, romantic, dramatic type of couple who wants to be kissing in the rain, or maybe you're the giggly, adventurous, playful couple who wants to offer piggy-back rides & shotgun some beer. Regardless, I'm here for it all. I never stop coming up with fun ideas to do with you & your significant other.

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